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  • Check Account Strongness of your Unlimited WhatsApp AccountsYou can log out and Login with your another whatsapp account to check stringness this way you can check your unlimited whatsapp account strongness
  • Modern Material DesignLatest Material UI design with easy to use interface
  • ReportYou can export all scraped data into excel sheet
  • DocumentationsDetailed documents with images (with markups) and video
  • Runnable FilesWe provided Runnable files
  • Free UpdatesWe Improving this product day by day, You will get free updates if any new update available in future.


Setup And Keygen Lifetime Update

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WADefender – Analyze & Level up your WhatsApp Accounts Sending Limits:

Launching most awaited WA Defender – Now Analyze & Increase Your WhatsApp Account Sending Limits!!

WaDefender – Elevate Your WhatsApp Marketing Game!

Tired of getting banned while sending bulk messages on WhatsApp?

Enter WaDefender – your secret weapon for mastering WhatsApp account limits and boosting your messaging power.

WaDefender is a powerful Windows-based software meticulously crafted to empower users in navigating the complexities of WhatsApp account restrictions, especially when engaging in bulk messaging.

-> Key Features:
– Avoid Bans
– Analyzing Account Oldness & Strength
– Analyzes Account Sending Limits
– Strength Assessment
– Module-Specific Insights
– Enhanced Sending Limits
– Optimize Performance Guidance
– Tailored Suggestions

WaDefender – Is Windows based software which runs on PC.
Main purpose of this software is, While sending messages on whatsapp using any Bulk sender, Peoples are offen get banned and the don’t know why.
So you will need any tool that can help you out to check is your WhatsApp Account is how much sttrong. After Sending Bulk Messages Using any bulk Sender WhatsApp will ban your account and there is Lots of parameters are involved in it. We Keep those parameters in mind and Designed this system . For Example, WhatsApp will ban Your account after sending just 10 to 15 messages if its brand new. In this Software It check your account Oldness.
Using this Software you will know the strongness of your whatsapp account so that you can send more messages to your target audience , more strongness means more messages you can send. check your strongness of each Module (i.e. total number of chat) if you account not much stronger then you can follow Suggestions But again there is no any fixed limit as such.


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